The aim is to leave a mark.

blau-grün gefärbte Taube inmitten gtrauer Tauben

To create,to design something is always a very particular and faschinating process. First of all there is only an idea, an immagination, the beginning of a story which will be told and embellished. Initiated by the first scetches this idea gets a shape, grows, develops. When ideas are going to be made visible, it is the beginning of a gorgeous story.

It is amazing what you can say with only a few lines.

The graphics enable us to intone or convey feelings through well-considered lines and specifically used color design. Hardly any company can get around a logo or lettering today. A consistent implementation of a coherent design does not only include the logo, but also includes – based on the needs – printed (businesss) matter, website and more

sich leicht kräuselnde Wellen

It's up to us how others see us.

ausgebleichte Zettel auf einer Wand

To see and to be seen. The world is becoming more and more global and this process seems to be irreversible. It is possible to buy products or services from (almost) every corner of the world ... but also to sell this into every corner of the world. Seen from such an angle, the Internet is probably the largest shopping and entertainment mile in the world and so it can be said: What the shop window is in the shopping street, is the website into the wide world.

The logo is the companys face,
the printed matters are the well fitting clothes and
the homepage is the display into the world.


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